Simulation Exercises


Simulation Exercises

Some exam databases contain additional content called Simulation Exercises. These simulations will vary depending on the exam.

To begin a simulation exercise, select the Exercise Number from the drop down box.

There are three simulation modes:

Show Me Simulation Exercises are non-interactive movies which allow the student to see how best to accomplish the objectives of the Simulation Exercise.

Help Me Simulation Exercises are interactive exercises which allow the student to complete the objectives with the assistance of guided prompts.

Try Me Simulation Exercises are interactive exercises which offer no assistance to the student

Once a simulation number has been selected the exercise's objective(s) and status are displayed.

Click the Try Me button to being the simulation.

Clicking the Help Me button will walk the user through the exercise using prompts, while the Show Me button will show the user exactly how the exercise would be completed.

During the exercise, clicking the Instructions tab will re-display the objectives and status of the simulation.

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