Adaptive Drill Mode: Testing


Adaptive Drill Mode: Testing

Mark your answer selection by clicking in the circle or box next to your choice.

Use the Next and Previous arrow buttons to navigate through the questions within the exam.

Clicking the End Exam button will stop testing, record your final answer choices and the assessment report will be displayed.

To submit Feedback to ExamForce regarding the current question click the envelope icon and fill out the form that is displayed.

To display the user manual / help section click the blue question icon.

During an Adaptive Drill test the following option buttons are available:

When the Show Feedback option is selected a prompt displays when an incorrect answer has been chosen, allowing the user to Try Again, Show Answer, view the Explanation, or proceed to the Next Question.  

***PLEASE NOTE:  Selecting the Show Answer option will automatically grade the current question as incorrect, regardless of how the question was answered.***

If a question has a note applied, the Notes  button will display an Asterisk when you view that question. i.e. Notes *

To end the exam, click the End Exam button.

A prompt will display asking if you would like to be Taken Back to the exam, if you would like to Review the Results, or if you would just like to exit the exam Without Reviewing Results.

If the Review Results option is selected a list of question numbers will be displayed indicating whether each question was answered correctly.

Additionally it indicates all questions that were marked during the exam or had notes added.

Clicking on a question number will display that question, allowing the user to review the question, Show the Correct Answer (if the question was marked incorrectly), and view the Explanation.

Clicking the Exit Review button will return the user to the main Adaptive Drill screen.

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Last Updated: 01-27-2010