Adaptive Drill Mode: Options


Adaptive Drill Mode: Options

Adaptive Drill Mode allows you to focus on specific exam objectives. Our Adaptive Technology zeros in on questions and topics that you find difficult. It will drill you on those questions until you master them. As you gain proficiency in one area, it is seeking out the next to challenge you with. It will challenge you to master even the most complex concepts of the exam. One after another, your weaknesses are turned into strengths.

The Adaptive Mode enables the user to select which objectives to be tested on and how many questions to include in the current test.

All Objectives of the exam are selected by default. However, check or uncheck any objective name to customize the exam as desired.

Adaptive Drill Mode also includes the ability to use Advanced Options such as:

Only Include Questions:
  • Missed in the current pass
  • Not seen in the current pass
  • Answered correctly in the current pass
  • With User Notes
  • Only Include Questions containing specific words
Sort Questions:
  • In order by Category
  • Randomly

To begin the Adaptive Drill Mode, click the Start Exam button.

After attempting an adaptive mode test a graphical representation of the current pass's score is displayed at the bottom of the Adaptive Drill Tab. The percentage of questions answered correctly is displayed in Green and those answered incorrectly are displayed in Red. Questions not answered are in Gray.

A complete Historical Analysis of all Passes, not just the current one, may be displayed by clicking the Historical Analysis button.

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Last Updated: 11-05-2009