Pretest Mode: Testing and Assessment


Pretest Mode: Testing and Assessment

In Pretest Mode you will establish your baseline skill set and receive direction for your study activities. This mode will test you with a sampling of questions from each of the exam objective categories.

The number of questions for each pretest is displayed. To Begin the Pretest click the Begin Exam button.

Taking the PreTest

Mark your answer selection by clicking in the circle or box next to your choice.

Use the Next and Previous arrow buttons to navigate through the questions within the exam.

Clicking the End Exam button will stop testing, record your final answer choices and the assessment report will be displayed.

Note: During a Pretest only the Previous, Next and End Exam buttons are available.

To submit Feedback to ExamForce regarding the current question click the envelope icon and fill out the form that is displayed. To display the User Manual click the blue question icon.

After completing your Pretest, you will be presented with your personalized Pretest Assessment. The Pretest Assessment is your custom guide for determining your current level of proficiency on a topic-by-topic basis. If there is reference material provided for the selected exam, links to the specific section of the material pertaining to each topic or category will be included for easy accessibility.

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Last Updated: 10-26-2010