There are three major reports available:

The Pretest Mode generates an Assessment report (available on the PreTest Tab). After completing a Pretest, you will be presented with your personalized Pretest Assessment. The Pretest Assessment is your custom guide for determining your current level of proficiency on a topic-by-topic basis. If there is reference material provided for the selected exam links to the specific section of the material will be included for easy accessibility.

The Tools Tab contains two detailed reports. "At a Glance" Report
The "At a Glance" report is your one-stop location for a concise and exhaustive look into your full progress through each CramMaster. It allows you to quickly see your Pretest, Adaptive Drill, Simulation Exercises (when applicable) and Simulated Exam histories. It gives you a detailed view of your CramMaster use, and assists you to determine your level of preparedness and/or competency.

The "At a Glance" report displays the exam status, whether the PreTest has been taken (including the date), each Adaptive Pass history, the status of each Simulation exercise (when applicable), and the Simulated Exam history.

Historical Analysis
In the Adaptive Drill mode, the presentation of questions is weighted according to your unique requirements. Based on your pattern of correct and incorrect answers, CramMaster will determine your knowledge shortcomings and customize itself to them. Use this report regularly to see how you are progressing though the Adaptive Drill mode.

This report contains the progress for each pass of the adaptive material and the score for each category/objective within the exam, as well as the overall exam score.

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