Simulated Exam Mode


Simulated Exam Mode

Simulated Exam Mode is designed to approximate the real exam. By the time you reach this level you've already mastered the exam material. This is your opportunity to exercise those skills while building your mental and physical stamina.

Each exam has a specified number of questions and a time limit.

Begin a Simulated Exam by selecting the desired exam number and clicking the Begin Exam button.

NOTE: During Simulated Exam Mode the only options available are to move between questions and end the exam.

When you have finished with the simulated exam click the End Exam button.  This will bring out a pop-up menu giving you three options.  You can Return to your exam to make changes to answer choices or you can End and Grade the exam with or without a review.

The Simulated Exam Review Mode only shows the questions that were answered incorrectly.  This means you will not be able to review what was correct or any questions that were not answered.   In the Simulated Exam Review There will be explanations to better help you understand but without links to related material.  This is to help give you a better understanding of what other areas of the exam you should brush-up on before sitting for the real exam.

After each attempted Simulated Exam a graphical report of the exam's results is generated and displayed. The Simulated Exam History list will reflect each attempt at a simulated exam including the exam number, the number of times attempted, and the date for each attempt.

The percentage of questions answered correctly is displayed in Green and those answered incorrectly are displayed in Red. Questions not answered are in Gray. Moving the mouse over a colored percentage area will display the exact number of question included in the percentage.

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Last Updated: 09-13-2010